The Project

"``Waking a sleeping beauty ...Mission accomplished for two lovers of the Vendéen coast, who converted a coastal farm long abandoned, into a unique place dedicated to tourism.``"

Heritage and ecology enthusiasts

It was love at first sight for the owners of this farm that had been abandonned : despite its state, they were able to see its architectural and aesthetic potential.

  • For HIM, passionated by the building, and always ready for new experiences . His motivations : an incredible thirst for knowledge and a very precise sense of creativity .He researches and surrounds himself with competent partners.
  • For HER, fascinated by “living better”. Her motivation : a curiosity for anything that can improve the well-being of our person, with a particular passion for cooking. Rediscover the best essential elements present in cooked dishes prepared with fresh produce and a desire to share them you.

These 2 enthusiasts together, are devoted to the Marais Girard project and enjoy sharing their passions and experiences, which reflects the atmosphere of this unique place.

Logement et cour vus de la cour