The Ecological pool

"``The natural pool is reserved for residents: access is with a code The pool is unsupervised..``

A natural principle

The pool at  Marais Girard is actually a natural swimming pool: you will not find any traces of chlorine or salt.

How is this possible?

A bacteriological filter eliminates impurities such as micro- organisms: it is an ecological concept inspired by aquacultural ponds where the quality of the water must be irreproachable. *

The pool dimensions: 20m x 5m to facilitate swimming. The depth is  1.35m for the entire  length of the pool.

The water temperature is guaranteed at 28 ° thanks to a heat pump, open from 1st June to 30th September.

* Each week, the ARS (Regional Agency of Health) collect and control the quality of the water, just like the surrounding beaches. The results are displayed at the entrance of the pool.

Le bassin naturel

Usage Precautions

La piscine du Marais Girard
  • Unsupervised pool
  • To maintain hygiene and bacteriological efficiency, showers are compulsory before entering the pool area (shower and toilet on site)
  • For boys, swimming trunks are compulsory (shorts are prohibited)
  • Also, consider using natural sun creams